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Spiritual well being and physical fitness are the twin objectives of Spa cures. Spa therapies in India trace back their origin to ancient history when man turned to nature for health remedies. Though the science is more than 10,000 years old, the earliest documents on Spa dates back to 6000 years

Natural cures, yogic remedies, soothing music, naturally soothing surroundings, plant herbs, oils, aromatherapy, gem stones, cleansing cures and counseling form an integral part of Spa therapies that restore to health, refresh and invigorates one’s body.

Talk of a spa treatment and women run through our mind, but wait, that is not the story any more. Men have stormed the spa clinic and their count is on an astronomical rise.

Today, more than 35 per cent of spa users are men and believe us, they are having real fun. Munish Bajaj, owner, Seven Seas Spa Lounge-8, says “Spas are becoming more and more gender neutral and men are no longer shy to get a beauty treatment”. They have realised that spas have positive effects on their skin and help relieve stress levels. Men have started recognizing the importance of skin care and how it helps them look and feel younger.

Spa therapies are now being designed, keeping men in the picture. Unscented and masculine scents are used for treatments; longer bathrobes and massage tables are provided for comfort; macho magazines are available for reading and the entire ambience are being designed for males. Well, what more do men want?